Terms & Conditions

The Registered User of By Livestock Online service understands the following:

  1. By Livestock Online is not responsible for delays or missed bids due to interruptions in the Broadcast or late bids that are not recognized by the auctioneer.
  2. By Livestock Online nor the Seller have any written or implied guarantees about the online broadcast
  3. The User understands that their computer and internet connection could affect the broadcast delays, quality and speed of the auction.
  4. The User agrees to pay the seller the price bid online if they are the winning bidder and the animal becomes the responsibility of the User as soon as sold.
  5. By Livestock Online is acting as an agent only and assumes no responsibility for representations made by the seller.  Announcements made be the auctioneer on sale day supersede any printed material.  
  6.  In case of disputes during the bidding process, the Auctioneer’s decision in such matter will be final.
  7.  By registering as a By Livestock Online user, you authorize By Livestock Online to:
    • collect information about the pages served to you as an anonymous user for the purpose of monitoring website usage and statistics.  
    • Use information you voluntarily provide to personalize the information we disseminate to you and to use your demographic information when calculating statistics.
  8. By Livestock Online has the right to amend their policies as required

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