Internet Services

Does your operation need a website?
That is a good question only you can answer. Websites serve one purpose: to provide information and promote your program 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, worldwide.  No other person, promotion or advertising tool can work that hard.

A good website is an extension of you, your farm, and your breeding, showing, selling and advertising programs. Even when you’re not available, your website is there to tell your story and be seen by people from across the road and around the world. To extend your representation further, link your website to other prominent sites. A website does not replace other forms of advertising, but compliments them and makes your efforts more efficient.

Getting a website started

Developing a website can be somewhat of a daunting task, especially if you have no idea where to start. Here are a few pointers to make the process less time consuming and less stressful!
Most of our websites include: hosting, domain name, building, linking and maintaining. They cost approximately $500 - $800/year. Have your website built by a professional, and make sure it is linked to the industry.

#1 Look at other websites for what you like and don’t like and keep track! Let us know of the websites you like and don’t like and why.
Here’s what to look for:

  1. The layout, find a few websites that you like (colours, how the pages are arranged, where the page tabs are for different things, how the pictures are arranged on the site, if pedigrees are automatically listed or if you click to bring them up).
  2. The font or style of writing. Find a few websites showing the kind of print style you prefer

#2 Information – what do you want the world to know about your farm?
Some ideas:

  • when and why you got into the breed
  • who is involved on the farm
  • what your cattle offer to commercial or other purebred breeders
  • where can people find you - farm location, consignment locations, contact info

#3 your website – Here’s the information we need to get started

  • Choose your domain name ie.
  • Determine which pages you want on your website, for example: Home, Females, Bull Pen or Herdsires, Photo Gallery, Sale Consignments, About Us, Contact Us, Bull Sale, Accomplishments
  • Pictures and the information that goes with them. If you have a picture of a show winner, please list the show, date, winner of what and tattoo/name of animal.

On any advertising you do, please list your website. One never knows when people have free time to check out your site, get to know you better and decide if they want to do business with you.

Keep your website updated. Sites that are not updated at least twice a year lose traffic and sales because there is nothing new to view.

The last point to mention is the necessity of high quality photos. Just like advertising or sale catalogue pictures, the cattle that create interest and generate the most dollars are the ones with the best pictures. You invest a lot of time and money on raising quality animals - don’t fall short in presenting and promoting them by using lesser quality pictures.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call.